These days Find Something is very popular, and I just want to find some plugins to get more money for free. There are three according to my search on google.

The first is gameplayer(maybe developed by duowan.com) which is an app to change variables just like Knights from Kingsoft, then I found localiapstore, and found it was useful for the game CarotFantasy, but not useful for Find Something. The last one is iapfree, which is useful for many apps even for magazines…

There are some problems I met during this process. When I add some repo to cydia, I found nothing in that directory, and I just couldn’t download iapfree and couldn’t even find gameplayer, which wasted me much time.

At last, I was forced to find a way to install .deb file locally, and fortunatly found a way to creat my own repo. Just sign up from this myrepospace, actually this is a good way, you don’t need to load those files from each source every time you open cydia, what you need is only one source(except for one that was bound to cydia). And each time you find a useful .deb file, you can just upload it to your repo and download it from cydia. My repo is http://cydia.myrepospace.com/vvv214 welcome to use it!

By the way, I received a call when I was searching, which told me that I was employed by stu.fudan.edu.cn. After one and a half years of working in SU, finally I found a way to combine the student activity with my major. Hope this can benefit those both aspect!