Enable Git in Eclipse

I have been using git for one year, but only recently through the Software Engineering class can I have the chance to learn it in detail.

Git is not rookie-friendly, I still remember the days I used git with my supervisor, I didn’t know anything.

Today, I will introduce a little about git from the knowledge I have till today. There are two main kind of model from Github, one is like SVN, everyone pull and commit, another is just git, using pull request.

SVN model

In this model, git works like svn, but the owner of the project needs to invite collaborators.


In this model, collaborators clone to local, revise the code, and request the owner to pull, the owner reviews the code and decides whether to merge.

Git in Eclipse

The last thing I want to tell is how to enable git from eclipse. The main steps are:

  1. Install Git plugin.
  2. Config your preference.
  3. Create a project using Git or clone to local and create from existing project.
  4. Using shortcuts from eclipse.

Thanks to 5老科!