UCD & Google

Quite busy recently. It seems that my schedule is full until 2015. I was writing a paper and accompanying my parents last several days; take a final on Friday; research in HKU from mid of July; take TOEFL & GRE after come back; write ps and fill in forms then. The deadline for most of Universities PhD program is around Nov. and Dec. so I can have a rest then.

So I can only write something in my life these days.

I went to UCD alumni meeting tonight and met an Apple engineering, he is very nice and we had a happy talk. It is the first time I am confirmed Apple office really locates near Yuanshen stadium and they have began to work! Hope we can be friends then.

Then I had a talk with head of Science of UCD. He is very funny, eulogize Ireland and abominate America. It seems that many (maybe most) Irish people is like him.

One thing to mention is that this is my first normal meeting (maybe like a party?). Lessons: I should have worn formal dress, and I need to learn to get involved in a conversation. I was wandering for a long time, hoping to talk to somebody, but they all talked very happily, I don’t know how to come by and say “hi”.

Next is a good news, I get the Google Excellence Scholarship. I was quite fretted these days, because I was competing with other top students in China. It is good that 4 out of 5 recommended Fudan University students finally got that award.